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Emergency Support Services (ESS) and its volunteers provides short-term assistance to British Columbians who are forced to leave their homes because of fire, floods, earthquakes or other emergencies. Throughout the province, thousands of ESS volunteers train and prepare so that when an emergency or disaster affects their community they are ready to help. ESS volunteers are trained to provide for the immediate needs of evacuees and emergency responders affected by an emergency or disaster. ESS volunteers also gain valuable personal preparedness skills, which can assist them and their family in times of disaster.

Emergency Building Inspection Team undertakes the responsibility for inspecting public buildings in order of priority after a major earthquake.

Emergency Amateur Radio Communicators are responsible for assisting with communications both internal to and external to our communities after a major incident.

Personal Disaster Assistance (PDA) Team, a specialized component of the overall ESS team, provides personal disaster assistance under the Provincial Emergency Program by providing support for victims of small emergency situations involving fewer than 4 families displaced from their homes due to fire, flood, or toxic exposures.

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