Be Prepared

After a disaster or emergency such as a massive power outage, severe storm, flood or earthquake, emergency services and utilities may not be available for several days. Are you and your family prepared to survive on your own for at least 72 hours after disaster strikes?

The most important thing that you can do is to be prepared. Stay calm and follow instructions from emergency personnel. Here’s some tips on how to be prepared:

Have a Grab ‘n Go Bag Ready

Pack these items in a waterproof backpack or soft suitcase and keep them available to you at all times.

Make a “Get Prepared in 1 Year” Plan

“Where Do I Begin?” It’s important to have a family emergency kit but don’t let cost & time set you back.

Consider taking on a new task every two weeks to get prepared over the course of 1 year. In no particular order, here’s some suggested tasks that you & your family can do every 2 weeks to get prepared:

You are now prepared with the essentials! Check your emergency kit periodically to rotate and replace items as they expire. It’s always valuable to practice preparedness with your family from time to time, and update your plan as your family’s needs change.

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